The Malangatana Foundation, in partnership with Mozambique Fashion Week (MFW), officially launched on February 3rd, Hloyase – a clothing brand inspired by the paintings of renowned artist Malangatana.
The 100% Mozambican brand, which was presented for the first time in the last edition of the MFW, in a collection by the stylist Shaazia Adam, presents a young and fresh concept, in prints and ready to wear made from fabrics that adapt to the temperature of the African continent, namely : viscose, linen and cotton. The brand’s pieces will be fully sold in digital spaces, with home delivery, following the new way of being imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic.
Hloyase is the name of Malangatana’s mother, the muse of her creations and the first studio of the great Mozambican artist. The tribute to the icon of Mozambican culture appears in the year in which, if he were alive, he would have completed 85 years of age.
The pieces from this collection will be on display at the Premier Counter of Absa Bank Moçambique for 2 months, starting on February 3rd, continuing the project started by the Bank in partnership with MFW in 2020. With this support, Absa Bank Moçambique maintains the your commitment to contribute to the promotion of Mozambican culture.
The Managing Director of Absa Bank Mozambique, Rui Barros, says that the marriage between the works of Malangatana and the fashion world, it shows that no limits can be imposed on the arts, while reflecting the greatness of power to be found in them.
“For those who know the work of the great Malangatana, it is unthinkable to associate this great creator to the fashion world. But as art is free, today we are proud to present this100% Mozambican brand, which represents a great honor for the nation. It is a weight gain in national brands and we are immensely proud to contribute to their disclosure”, he stated.
To Mutxhini Ngwenya, eldest son of Malangatana Valente Ngwenya and member of Malangatana Foundation, “this is a new way of remembering Malangatana, wearing the new generations of culture and art, exalting its memory”. It should be noted that this project, created with the aim of giving life to the name of the great hero ofculture, has the institutional support of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Hloyase parts are available for purchase on the brand’s digital platforms.