Over the 16 years, Mozambique Fashion Week has contributed to the growth of fashion in Mozambique and we are proud of the stylists we have seen grow.
On the catwalk of the 16th edition, the stylists who established themselves over the years presented their new collections, new proposals and fashion trends for 2020-2021, with colors, textures and patterns that elevate the values ​​of Mozambique.
“LET ME BE ME, AUTHENTIC”, a collection with more than 20 pieces presented by the needles, colors and fabrics of the stylist ISIS BRUMO, a fashion proposal with a focus on human diversity, which breaks barriers on the standards of beauty and brings a concept which prioritizes aspects such as ergonomics, mobility and the functionality of the parts.
During the parade, representation was present, with models of all types, from plus size models, thin models, disabled and albino models who, without pretense, presented themselves as they are, AUTHENTIC.
Discover how to be AUTHENTIC, fall in love with the prints and trends in this show and free yourself to be what you really are. Ver fotos