The renowned Mozambican stylist M’whandro Mangoba brought together a professional cast from various areas related to fashion, including stylists, photographers, models, make up artists, videographers, influencers and bloggers to start a new TRIBUS project and the MFW team wanted to know everything about the movement.


A movement whose objective is to portray aspects of society in the form of photos and videos, portraying everyday life through the image seen from a Fashion angle. A bold movement that intends to raise cyber debates in relation to the themes it will address.

  1. How are you, and what have you been up to?

A: I have been working hard following the materialization of the new Baco.Baco collection, which is called UBOKHOSI in ISIZULO from Portuguese Realeza or Royalty in English.

2.What is Tribus| Meaning?

A: In direct translation from Latin to Portuguese it is Tribo, which is visibly a group of people who have the same ascendant. And in this group the visible ascendant is fashion. Lol

3.Tell us more about this movement. How did it start? Whose idea was it, what is it and how did it evolve into what it is now?

A: Fashion is a channel that reaches many people in the sense that they always wear something coordinated. There is a need to tell stories and entertain with didactics. So I, M’whandro Mangoba, had the brilliant idea of ​​joining a group of professional friends from the areas that make up Fashion, with the idea still raw, I invited Kauai Junior and Wallas Jorge, the two photographers and Cláudio Victor, a model. We talked a lot via video call, all because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. We got the first test right and wham… As the objective is to integrate fashion makers, we invited Crista Phiri, who is a model, Martah, who makes the make-up, and Cigarre Fungate, who is also a model and influencer, Cândido Modelo and IT, who takes care of the image of digital networks , Patrick model and photo maker, Dalton Aka (The Fidamae 2x) is an influencer and digital humorist. So the team is big and we are currently preparing the next rehearsal.

4.What was the reaction of the people being invited to join the movement?

A: There is a lack of regular Fashion entertainment on digital networks where many young people and beyond meet. So right away there was an acceptance without fear and here we are working to entertain with judgment and offer some knowledge about each subject that we are going to photograph.

5.What are the criteria used to select the current members of the movement?

A: Being working in an area related to fashion, having an extra craft that could be useful for the movement. As an example, Cândido is a bodybuilder model and also IT, so in addition to posing for photos, he takes care of social media.

6.What can people expect from Tribus? And where can you find out more about the moves?

A: Well, much more than pretty photos, glamorous poses, makeup and matching clothes, we want to transmit everyday stories, we want to share knowledge and bring reflections to internet users. Fashion cannot be simply clothes and accessories. Knowledge must also be in fashion.

7.What activities have already been carried out as a Movement?

A: We are still developing a series of activities but there is a fear regarding the current situation of the Covid pandemic 19 meetings are limited to lectures are limited. We could go forward via platforms like Zoom, but it takes a study of the target audience to be invited and this is a HW that we haven’t done yet. Lol but we still have time to do it with all the necessary preparation.

8.What feedback are you getting from people? from the general public?

A: Fortunately, the reaction is great, the public appreciates our work and we are open to questions and suggestions through instagram@tribusmz

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