CHIBAIA is a traditional Mozambican brand, with 7 years of existence. A “streetwear” brand that this year intends to position and solidify itself in the area of ​​“African Urban Clothing”.

A month after MFW 2020, the brand went into recess and decided to take a break. A difficult decision, but one that brought benefits. As a brand it became stronger in terms of resources and as a team they had time to improve, develop new ideas and product proposals, as well as a different collection.

The Collection

Under the direction of a boat in front of our bridge “Maputo – Katembe” with the sun rising behind, the inspiration for the new collection began, to represent a new era and show that hard times are not the end but time to renew and start a new story for the Mozambican people and for the Brand in particular.

In May 2021, the launch of the “Capulana Floral Bombers” collection took place, a collection that arose from the idea of ​​“stying fresh” and “back outside” – which can be translated into Portuguese as “ficar sempre fresco,novo, limpo, bonito, natural e saudável” e “voltar para o mundo” . Associated with the fact that the “return to normalcy” is on most people’s minds – going back to doing what was natural for them.

Among symbols, colors and prints, the brand presents a Floral collection with plants and flowers that represent the most valuable part of nature – colors, smell, curves, freshness,

renewal, growth and life.

The Collection features women’s and men’s pieces: the bombers are in a floral print that is the theme of the collection and to diversify it also has the usual military print. The pieces have a subtle and classic finish. On some models we see the code +258 which represents Mozambique.